Backlight Digital Alarm Clock

  • Smart back-light: smart light(auto light at night) Auto on when into dark,when you put the clock into dark,it will light up by itself.
  • Dim brightness of back light,  with on/off of sensor for smart light
  • Light up when press the button, normal brightness different from smart light.
  • 5 minutes repeating ascending snooze alarm,with on/off setting of snooze.
  • Big digits time display, big LCD size digits display screen: Alarm time display,12/24 hour time format, calendar display
Rs. 295

Battery Digital Clock: digital clock battery operated, No USB cable. Need 3* AAA 1.5V batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

Big LCD screen, energy saving, clear boldface number display, easy to read.

Convertible ? & ?, 12HR & 24HR with simple operation.

Mini small digital clock, whole size of a palm , it can be stashed in bag when travel.

Kids alarm clocks for girls: 4 Color choose. pink clock for girls; blue/ black/white alarm clock for kids teens

When alarm is activated, the clock sounds beep for 60 seconds in a crescendo

Smart Alarm light,built in light sensor,LCD backlight turns on automaticaly when the room or circumstance becomes dark.and don't worry,this also wont disturb the sleepness.

Color:Black/White/Green/Rose Red/Navy Blue
Applicable places:study, office, bedroom, living room
Size: 135*75*45mm/5.31*2.95*1.77?
Product weight:185 g (including product packaging)
Note: the product uses 3 X AAA batteries (the product is not included battery, do not use high capacity alkaline battery)

Simple and Friendly Design: Alarm Clock Super large Digital display, bold fonts, easy to read, make the room tasteful, and give you a visual experience. More clearly know the current time and environmental temperature, easy to arrange the time.

Intelligent Control: Alarm Clocks once the setting is complete, Control your Digital Alarm clocks with just one button at the top. The usual press open high brightness backlight, Alarm Watch at the Open snooze function. The operation is simple, Used 3xAAA battery (Not Included).

Must wake you up: Alarm Clock sound grew from small to large, gets progressively louder, until you close, design the snooze function, even turn off the alarm clock will alarm after 5 minutes , suitable for heavy sleepers or seniors.